Prefunding Retiree Credit Program

Frequently Asked Questions

You must currently be eligible for coverage through the NECA-IBEW Welfare Trust as an Inside Wiremen or under the Sound and Communication agreement.

You must have a minimum of 7500 contribution hours in the past 10 years and a minimum of 10 service credits.

You must be retired.

You can send a written request for a Prefunding Credit calculation to:

ECI Prefunding Credit Program

11001 W Plank Court, Suite 120

Wauwatosa WI 53226

As of January 1, 2021 each credit is worth $14, with a maximum amount of 30 credits for a total reimbursement maximum of $420.00

Yes, your total credit will be reduced by a percentage based on your age at the time of your retirement.

The Program has mandatory direct deposit of your credit. A direct deposit authorization form is sent with your packet.

The reimbursement is good as long as you are paying for coverage.

Your surviving spouse is eligible to collect the reimbursement, subject to continuing to pay for other coverage.

You do not have to take the Decatur Plan coverage, however you cannot have a lapse in coverage prior to collecting the reimbursement. If you choose to purchase your own coverage that coverage must start as of the date you lose active coverage with the Decatur Plan.

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