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401k Special Bonus Election Notice 2008

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Annuity SAR 2018 (PYE 2017)

2014 Notice to Participants SMM 3 month Election Period

Payout of Account $1000 or Less Notice 2014

Annuity Beneficiary Designation Form Instructions

Annuity Beneficiary Form

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Distribution of Account $1000 or Less Before Age 60 Expiration of 3-Month Window Benefit

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Summary Plan Description

ECI Annuity Plan SPD 2015


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  • When can I elect a distribution from my Annuity account?

Prior to retirement, you may request an elective distribution if you have terminated your employment and no Annuity contributions have been made on your behalf for six consecutive months (three consecutive months effective February 1, 2010 through December 31, 2014).

If you elect a Partial Distribution and you do not return to employment, you may receive a subsequent distribution at any age.

Please be advised that if you subsequently return to employment for which an employer is obligated to make contributions to the Plan on your behalf, then you will not be eligible to elect to receive a subsequent distribution prior to attaining age 60.

  • How do I receive a distribution?

You need to contact the ECI Plan Office for Election Forms.

  • How do I change my investment options?

You may change your investment options by accessing the John Hancock Retirement Plan Services website or by calling John Hancock Retirement Plan Services at 1-800-294-3575.

  • How often do I get a statement for my annuity?

Statements are sent quarterly by John Hancock Retirement Plan Services or you can obtain online at Valuations change daily.

  • Can I take a loan against my Annuity account?

No. The Annuity Plan does not have a loan provision.

  • Can I take a hardship distribution?

No. The Annuity Plan does not have a hardship provision.

  • Does my spouse need to complete the Spousal Consent to Waive Benefits form (page 5 of the Election Forms for balances over $1000) if I am requesting a distribution or rollover?

Yes, the Spousal Consent to Waive Benefits needs to be completed and your spouse’s signature needs to be notarized or witnessed by a Plan Representative unless you are electing a Joint and Survivor Annuity.

  • If I take money out instead of rolling it over to another qualified plan, what are the penalties?

There is an automatic 20% federal withholding. Additional tax information is included with the distribution forms.

  • My ex-spouse was awarded a portion of my annuity in our divorce. How does he/she get that money?

A Qualified Domestic Relations Order should be submitted to the Plan office for review. Once determination is made that it meets the Plan’s requirements, a separate account is set up for the alternate payee. The alternate payee would contact the Plan office for distribution forms.

  • Can I make additional contribution to my Annuity account?

Yes, by making 401k contributions. You may obtain the form from your employer. Increments of 1% to a maximum of 20% may be withheld. Participants at least 50 years of age during the current calendar year may withhold up to 30%. Tax laws limit pre-tax savings to a maximum dollar amount.

  • If I make 401k Annuity contributions, does my employer match that amount?


  • Why are taxes applied to my distribution?

The law currently requires payers of pensions, annuities and other tax deferred income to withhold federal income tax on all payments.

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